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Resolve Audio has created award-winning soundtracks for clients right across the Fortune 500. From Radio and TV campaigns to film and large corporate events to even the smallest button click, every project is created with expert skill and attention to detail.

Resolve Audio’s award winning senior engineer Simon Edwards, has 26 years of experience and utilizes the most up to date Pro Tools software along with large production music libraries and thousands of sound effects to create captivating audio.

Not limited to corporate or broadcast work, Resolve Audio has produced audio for a Genie award winning film as well as an Academy Award nominated film.


  • Academy

    Academy Award Nomination

    For “The End” Short Film

  • Art Directors Club

    Gold Medal for Mini “CRM”

    Art Directors Club
  • Cannes Cyber Lion

    Cannes Cyber Lion

    Gold for Mini “Minimalism” Website

    Gold for Mini “Dominatrix” Website

    Gold for Mini “Black Sheep”

  • Genie Award

    For “Bingo” Short Animation Film

    Genie Award
  • One Show Interactive

    One Show Interactive

    Golden Pencil for Mini “Minimalism”

    Golden Pencil for Mini “Beyond the Banner”

  • Advertising and Design Club

    Gold Medal for Diamond-Schmidt Site

    Gold Medal for Mini “Convertiblizerometer”

    Gold Medal for Mini “Prospect Email Campaign”

    Advertising and Design Club of Canada


What can we do for you?
That depends on your audio needs. We can work in a broad range of media, audiences and formats, including:

  • +
    Post audio for video and film
    TV and radio commercials
    Corporate meetings and live events
    Custom music writing and recording
    High-profile international conferences
    Audio, websites, voice mail teasers
    Award shows, museum installations

    With over 1 terabyte of stock music available,
    and thousands of sound effects, with Source Connect live digital link capabilities to studios around the world, we are ready and willing to provide you with
    the perfect audio solution.


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